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Time passes. I posted back in 2012 that I wished for better Qt/Windows support, and I’m working to make that happen. I still only code in my free time, but you can find QExt on GitHub.

Also: this is a horrid looking page. Web design never was for me.

From jriddel’s Developer Journal

Qt, even though it’s been available for noncommercial use for quite awhile on Linux as GPL, is completely relicencing to LGPL–which means it’s “Free as in Beer and Freedom Free” for all the Stallman-esque obsessives out there. Not that anyone paid for Qt, really. Use for KDE, then for Linux, has been non-commercial for ages, but Nokia’s ownership and oversight of Trolltech means profit for the toolkit is unimportant. The more Qt, the better. One of their first moves was a quick open-sourcing of Qt for Windows.

So another set of kudos for Nokia! If you’ve been holding out on using Qt for whatever, don’t. If you’ve been using Gnome, I’m sorry. If you want to rediscover goodness in programming, do so. It’s LGPL/GPL goodness all around.

Also, since Qt is being actively ported to everything, try out QtCreator. It’s goodness in a cup and runs on both Windows and Linux. Don’t ask me about OS X, since I no usey teh losey. I kid, I kid. But I think it’s available for OS X, too. The whole thing is beta, but I’ve heard good things.

Last but not least, KDE 4.2 Beta is out. =)

Windows 7 public beta is available now

There’s only 2.5 million downloads, so get it quick. A note: it don’t work too gud in FyreFox. Gotta yoos IE.

IETab does a nice job with it, though; I switched rendering engines, re-registered, and it downloaded nicely. Er, it started downloading nicely. I’m at four percent…

So I’m doing this post with ScribeFire, where I can post anywhere, anytime, as part of a web page. It’s my hope that this will help me speed up the blog process a bit.