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Time passes. I posted back in 2012 that I wished for better Qt/Windows support, and I’m working to make that happen. I still only code in my free time, but you can find QExt on GitHub.

Also: this is a horrid looking page. Web design never was for me.

I’m sitting at work (Starbucks) typing up a random blog entry to get back into the habit of the blogging phenomenon. I couldn’t tolerate the old four sidebar style, so I’ve changed the blog appearance. Development on KyUI is halted temporarily while I teach myself QtNetwork. I’ve got two new widgets to throw into the mix, one based on work from another PyQt programmer. I’ll talk about that once it’s presentable. There are other ideas churning, but I’d rather not get into them until I actually make…what’s the word?…progress.

Working with QNetworkAccessManager is interesting. I converted the PyQt-converted-from-Qt example for QHttp to QNetworkAccessManager, and the results were less than inspiring. QNAM (as I’ll abbreviate it) decided my Internet access was unavailable with a decidedly confusingly generic error message. I’m writing a tidbit of software that reads in HTML, grabs information out of it, and generates the appropriate link to a wallpaper JPEG without running through intermediary HTML. It’s teaching me QtNetwork and managing lots of signals and possible error conditions. I have to admit that–after some heavy cursing–QNetworkAccessManager is better than QHttp, particarly with the use of QNetworkReply as a QIODevice. The one feature of QHttp that I miss is using QNetworkAccessManager.get() to funnel a request directly into a QIODevice, specifically a file. Yes, QNetworkReply is an io buffer, but it would be nice if I could call get(QNetworkRequest, QFile) and wait for the finished() signal from the QNetworkReply it returns without waiting for the readyRead() signal and chunking data into the file. Just a thought.

Other thoughts: contentsMargins should be a QProperty for QWidget and QLayout. I use keyword arguments almost exclusively to set initial QObject subclass states, and not being able to set the contents margins this way is irritating.

I’m off now…into The Cloud.

I was reading an Ars Technica staff member’s blog on de-cluttering when I stumbled on this comment:

Suggestion: round up ALL of your spare hardware (every last cable and PCI filler plate) and bring it all to a new sorting area such as a garage space, living room, kitchen, whatever. Take it away from where it is currently stored.

Now sort through it with new eyes and get rid of all your old legacy stuff that you haven’t touched in five years. Give it to a friend, donate it to a school or nonprofit, but get it out of your way. Put it all in boxes and move them to a corner, preferably near an exterior door.

Now make a wish list of what you’d like your dream computer/electronics setup would look like. Go through the Ars system-building articles if that helps. Now scrutinize whatever hardware you have left and see if it fits at all in your future plans. Do you still have old 10/100 Ethernet hubs yet want to run GigE exclusively in the future? Move those hubs to the pile near the door. Still have an old USB-1 hub? It’s worth about fifty cents at a garage sale now. Do this until you’ve pared down everything to stuff you actually want to use in the future. Put it all back in boxes, a little better organized this time, and put it back on the shelves if you have them. (Step 1.1, omitted earlier: Buy more shelves!)

Only by physically moving everything away from its current inertia well can you really sort efficiently and a bit more ruthlessly. It will also
give you a chance to vacuum up seven years of accumulated dust. Do this, and then set yourself a reminder for five years from now to do it all over again.

Oh. Now that’s something to think about.

So I’m doing this post with ScribeFire, where I can post anywhere, anytime, as part of a web page. It’s my hope that this will help me speed up the blog process a bit.